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And there’s a teaser!

Yes you “heard” me! I’ve done a teaser for my game. It might not be as nice and exciting as a new Call Of Duty och Halo trailer but here it is.



Illuminate Tutorial Demo [PLAY]

First Milestone!

Now I’ve reached my first milestone and it’s a demo to show you how the game works. I will use this demo to show people the game. I will put it in the game category so it will be available anytime ^^

The Full Demo is here!

Here’s the demo I was talking about for some time… Well enjoy while i make some more levels ^^

Demo structure

There will be 4 levels and all of them will be some sort of an introduction to the features in the game.

I will not spoil the thing that I’m most excited about, you will have to see that for yourself when the complete demo comes out.

Hopefully it will be out as I said before around may 11. Some more pictures will show up in the future and maybe a short video where I will show you something… I dunno yet.

Working when I don’t need to

Today we are supposed to be home and work because it’s a “studyday” (i think) and still I’m working… I don’t know if I’m a workaholic or anything else. But I hope my teacher is proud of me!


I thought you maybe wanted to see how and where I work.


The final demo I think

Well there’s a competition which I’m going to participate in. It’s about games of course and I want the best possible demo I can make. So for me to have that I need to fix some small things. ALMOST everything is done. Just need to tweak some small things. The demo should be done within 10 days… hehe well I’ll make it… I hope!


If you are wondering then yes you will be able to try the demo out and see for yourself what game I’m creating.