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A little bit of pepper and some salt

February 4, 2012

Well now I’m adding some final touches to the first level. I don’t think I will release a demo so soon right now, I think I will wait with that until I have more levels and the game is more polished. And now that I think about it … I need a main menu… so basically what I’ve been focusing on is the challenge of the game and giving the game the right feeling when you play.

I can say that the challenge is to turn on the lights that you find in the game to keep your “mind in balance”. You can see it as a health bar which is ticking down all the time and then it will be refilled when in the light. And don’t worry if you have “problem” with these kind of games. I will try to make difficulties so you don’t need to stress through the game.

My plan to make people want to complete the game (when it’s finished) is to have some kind of unlock system so maybe you can play as a different character (MAYBE). I haven’t decided. You can comment what makes you keep playing games. And if you have any idea of what there can be in the game (as a feature or so).

– Kevin

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