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Small talk with smarter people

March 4, 2012

I had it planned, and now I need to change it. But it’s for the best I suppose. Instead of making 6 average levels I make 3 polished levels with full functionality puzzles and adventures. So I have 2 levels working. But I need to fix somethings. Add puzzles/ “thinking moments” and make all the three levels so they have the same feeling when you play. So that is where I will begin. And I will hopefully be done with that in short time and be able to go on with other levels and might be able to add one more level that I want to have in the game. I mean now I have 4 weeks left and I want 4 levels so I really need to work to have some time with testing and bugfixing. If I want a game with 4 levels and even had time to extra polish it I need to work.

Then I need to ask myself one question. Am I willing to work that much?

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