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April Demo

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Hard working man!

Now I’ve worked for 5 hours and it’s 03 in the morning… A bit tired but I have some ideas that I don’t want to let go… So it will be som more hours I hope.

The game is still in progress!

Yes you saw it…. well, I just wanted to let you know that the game is still in progress. I’ve added more gameplay features into the game so it’s not just walking straight forward. Well I might upload a new picture in the near future. And just to be clear, it’s not a puzzle game. It’s now an Indie Adventure!

The Demo

Well it’s not complete but there’s something at least.

Some pics of the game so far

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Small talk with smarter people

I had it planned, and now I need to change it. But it’s for the best I suppose. Instead of making 6 average levels I make 3 polished levels with full functionality puzzles and adventures. So I have 2 levels working. But I need to fix somethings. Add puzzles/ “thinking moments” and make all the three levels so they have the same feeling when you play. So that is where I will begin. And I will hopefully be done with that in short time and be able to go on with other levels and might be able to add one more level that I want to have in the game. I mean now I have 4 weeks left and I want 4 levels so I really need to work to have some time with testing and bugfixing. If I want a game with 4 levels and even had time to extra polish it I need to work.

Then I need to ask myself one question. Am I willing to work that much?

First QA!

Today I’ve released a demo in my school and I’ve got some feedback. Very interesting stuff to read what they have to say and what bugs they’ve found… well nothing is perfect. So I’ve listed up the problems and will be dealing with these problems in the future. Now I will continue designing the third level so I can get somewhere other than standing still. Enough talk! Need to get back to work!

– Kevin